Shekinah Timber Frame Cabin Build!

April 22-27
Shekinah Retreat Centre


Have you always been interested in how timber framing works and goes together? Do you like getting out and doing some physical labour? Do you like working with others to build something new? The Shekinah Timber Frame Cabin Project is for you! 

We're planning to build two timber frame cabins during the Easter week of April 22-27. That's right. Two. You will see how the timber's go together, how it takes a team to assemble, and how the whole frame goes together using tools like chisels, hammers, and beetles. It's low-tech but high-skill.

You'll also get to be part of raising a bent! What's a bent? It's the wooden part in the picture. Trust me, when you see your first bent go up - using people power and nothing else - it's pretty exciting!

There are jobs for every person and every ability. Yes, lifting heavy timbers is exciting; however, there are all sorts of jobs that need to be done. Handy with a staining brush? Excellent. Good at creating precisely cut 2x4s and plywood. Fantastic. Awesome with a hammer drill? Cool, cool, cool.

It takes a lot of work to make a cabin, especially if you are building one in a week. If you are building two in the same week, you are in for a lot of hard-but-very-fulfilling work.

This project is all about community and working together. Plus, it's Shekinah, so you know that mealtimes will be great! In addition to needing basic sustenance for the hard work, mealtimes are a great time to meet other people who have some similar interest as you. Plus Sherrylyn's desserts are legendary! And, as she will point out, they come with no calories. Not that you'll be worrying about calories, because we can put you to work at any number of calorie burning activities. So think of it as a free gym membership. Without the hot tub.

When is what happening? Great question. Keep your eye on this page, and we'll give you more information. For now, the plan is to assemble bents on the Monday and raise the bents - for two cabins - on Tuesday. So if you want to see (almost) the whole process, come out on Monday. We'll definitely need bodies on Tuesday for the raising. 

What's that? You'd love to be a part of the Timber Frame Cabin Project, but you aren't around? Or your back isn't what it once was? We'd love to have your donation to the project. We are looking for donations for things like a window package ($3000/cabin or $600/window), the next concrete pad ($2000), and an insulated roof ($5500). If you can help us out with a donation in these amounts - or an amount of your choice, please donate here.

Planning to come out and be part of this exciting project? Awesome! If you could let us know, please contact us, either online or through email or phone. Just so we know about how many people to feed.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Shekinah and its mission to provide a safe, welcoming space to all who seek community and a renewing of their body, minds and spirits.

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