Sssshhh! How did you find this page?

You're not supposed to know about this. It's Shekinah's 40th anniversary, and we're planning a huge, blow-out bash! But you have to keep it under wraps. Keep it hush-hush.

So don't go around telling people that it's Shekinah's 40th. Oh sure, it's pretty exciting, and we're really looking forward to connecting - or reconnecting - with 40 years' worth of people. But please, keep it quiet.

Don't, for example, go around telling all of your old shanty or tent mates that it's our 40th. They'd just want to get all the old gang together and come back to Shekinah for a weekend of such ... oh, I see what you did there. You almost got me to spill the beans. Almost, but we're a crafty bunch, here at Shekinah.

And don't, for another example, get a hold of your old counsellors, camp directors, cooks, staff, executive directors, and other Shekinah supporters. Don't tell them about the secret sign up area that will be there for them to ... Oh, ho ho! You are wily, aren't you? Another close call of bean spilling, but you'll have to be sharper than that.

Certainly don't keep a lookout for updates and special events and fundraisers throughout the year. And, if you do - somehow - hear about them, please don't get involved in planning them, supporting them, and, heaven forbid, enjoying them. It will just get people excited about the huge birthday celebration happening in the month of ...

My goodness, but you're persistent. Those beans were so close to being spilled that I can smell the tomato sauce.

So OK. You somehow accidentally stumbled on this page. Maybe you're a hacker or some other interweb guru. Still, since you did find out about this, do us a favour and forget you found out about it. And again, don't tell anyone about it.

Certainly not any alumni that you might have lost touch with. Oh sure, it might be fun to get together for say a weekend of merriment. You could even go so far as to track down every person you ever shared time with at Shekinah.

But we'd have to shut you down there. We're trying to keep this whole thing under wraps for a while. At least until the big reveal in ...

Tricksy, aren't you? Well, you'll get nothing out of me. Certainly nothing about a certain thing happening in summer, which I'm not going to tell you about.

I suggest you forget that you ever found this page. Tell no one. Certainly don't let your curiousity get the better of you and start wondering about what it could be. Also, don't check with your friends to see what they've heard.

We run a tight ship, here, so you'd just be wasting your time.