I Can't Believe You Disregarded The Warnings!

Shekinah 40th Birthday Party - August 25, 2019, Shekinah Retreat Centre - Church Service at 10:30AM

More Details to Follow

Hey! What are you doing here? It's Shekinah's 40th anniversary, and we're planning a huge, blow-out bash! Not all the details are worked out, yet, so we have been keeping it under wraps. Keep it hush-hush. www.sshh.com.org.

So don't go around telling people that it's Shekinah's 40th. Oh sure, it's pretty exciting, and we're really looking forward to connecting - or reconnecting - with 40 years' worth of people. But please, keep it quiet.

Sure, we want to collect your email addresses so that we can keep you updated. We might even have a plan in the works to make a fancy email capture form, so we can start spam ... err ... updating you. But we don't want you sending us all kinds of phone numbers, sending us contacts for old campers, or sending us huge wads of cash for, say, building a 40th Anniversary cabin.

And when we set up a nice form for you to sign up for updates, don't feel like you have to sign up.

Also, don't go around telling all of your old shanty or tent mates that it's our 40th. They'd just want to get all the old gang together and come back to Shekinah for a weekend of such ... oh, I see what you did there. You almost got me to spill the beans about more plans. Nice try, but we're a crafty bunch, here at Shekinah.

And don't, for another example, get a hold of your old counsellors, camp directors, cooks, staff, executive directors, and other Shekinah supporters. Don't tell them about the secret sign up area that will be there for them to ... Oh, ho ho! You are wily, aren't you? Another close call of bean spilling, but you'll have to be sharper than that.

And Please. Please! Don't send us your stories! We don't, for yet another example, want to collect a bunch of stories about "The Olden Days" and put them on our blog. Who wants to read that, when you could be reading the back of a Cap'n Crunch box, instead. Well, I suppose if you must, you could send your stories to the office. 

Certainly don't keep a lookout for updates and special events and fundraisers throughout the year. And, if you do - somehow - hear about them, please don't get involved in planning them, supporting them, and, heaven forbid, enjoying them.

So OK. You went against our wishes and clicked onto this page. You might be thinking of telling every one you know to save the date. I guess we can't stop you.

Certainly not any alumni that you might have lost touch with. Oh sure, it might be fun to get together for say a weekend of merriment. You could even go so far as to track down every person you ever shared time with at Shekinah.

I suggest you forget that you ever found this page. Tell no one. Certainly don't let your curiousity get the better of you and start wondering about what it could be. Also, don't check with your friends to see what they've heard.

We run a tight ship, here, so you'd just be wasting your time.