Shekinah Wine & Cheese!

Friday, March 29 - 7PM
Shekinah Retreat Centre


Looking for a place to meet with friends, learn a little about wine, and have a great evening? Shekinah Wine & Cheese night is for you! 

It's great to get out with friends - or to meet new ones; sometimes, though, we just need an excuse to do so. Shekinah has created a wine and cheese night to give wine and cheese lovers a chance to get together. 

We will be having four wine and cheese pairings. This is a chance to learn a little about wines and why certain cheeses complement them.

Dress is casual, and we are looking to create a relaxed atmosphere. Maybe you like wine but think that the "Wine World" is a bit too Hoity-toity for you. Maybe you don't know bottle shock from a late harvest, but you know what you like. Maybe you just want to try some wines that you might never try otherwise. This night is for you.

In addition, there will be some great items at our silent auction. We have a wide variety of items that you can bid on, and who doesn't like to bid at an auction? As the saying goes, it doesn't cost a penny to bid. Any money raised will go right to helping us fulfil our mission in the world.

Your entry fee of $30 dollars online / $35 at the door gets you samples of 4 wines with cheese. Of course, if you know our chef - Sherrylyn - you know that she can't resist making delicious treats, baking, and other awesome things to eat. All calorie free!

Found a wine you like? Go ahead and enjoy another glass for $6. We'll have beer for sale at the same price.

Of course, we want all of you to get home safely, so we are asking that you arrange a safe ride home. When tasting new wines, it's easy to get excited and imbibe a little more than you normally might. If this is you, please bring a designated driver along. If you need to, we can put you up at the Timber Lodge for $20 for the night.

*Please note that Shekinah has a very limited set of bedding linens, so please bring your own bedding.

You already know this, but minors aren't allowed! 

We are really looking forward to meeting you, so please save the date. It's a new venture for us, and we're looking forward to experiencing it together with you.

Everyone (of legal drinking age!) is welcome. See you there! Need more information? Send us an email or call:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.