Shekinah Music Camp!

August 18-23, 2019
Shekinah Retreat Centre


"The Soundscape of the Prairies"

Shekinah Music Camp is more than a music lesson - it is inspiring campers to build music into their everyday life.

We combine acoustic instruments with Shekinah’s beautiful river valley to give campers a musical experience that will inspire how they interact with music and nature. Shekinah Music Camp is for young adults ages 12-17 who are looking to either start their musical journey, or continue building their musical skill set.

The campers are divided into two age groups; Senior Teens 15-17 and Junior Teens 12-14. All campers will get a chance to learn acoustic guitar, percussion, and ensemble singing. Instrument rentals are included in fees.

Junior Teens ages 12-14: Our Junior Teens will learn each instrument stream together as a group. We recognize that learning music takes a lot of energy and focus.  To break up the day, campers will have a mix of music skills, music in nature, and just summer camp fun.  The goal is to give Junior Teens the skills, confidence, and comfortability to continue playing after camp is over.

Senior Teens ages 15-17: Our Senior Teens will start the week by trying out the three streams and then will choose one stream and receive private lessons from one of our guest mentors. Senior Teen campers will be educated in musical composition and songwriting and will be given opportunity throughout the week to practice playing music with other campers.



Guest Mentors TBA - Check back as we finalize instructors. You won't be disappointed!

Choir Mentor

A good choir director has more than just good leadership skills: she must be able to motivate, inspire, and create a space for people to feel safe enough to let their creativity shine through.

1) She must be able to connect with students

2) Must Love Music!

3) Believes in her students.

4) Communicates well.

5) Challenges her students.




Guitar Mentor

A great guitar teacher has many attributes: 

1) Patience - patience is a virtue. It's also a requirement of a great teacher

2) Experienced - not every good guitar player makes a good teacher. 

3) Teaching Style - a casual-yet-directed style

4) Active Musically - a good teacher is also a performer and active in the local community.

5) Love of Music - seems like a no-brainer, but a love of music and performance translates to energy and enthusiasm for teaching.




Percussion Mentor

A great percussion mentor has a number of characteristics as well:

1) Has Performance Experience - a good teacher knows how to play as part of a group effort. Music doesn't happen in a vaccuum.

2) Makes Practice Fun - a good teacher knows how to take sometimes dry material and make it fun. Students should be looking forward to spending time with their teacher.

3) Shows You a Path - "Why are we spending so much time on ...?" Knowing why you are working on particular skills - ie the payoff down the road - gives the student insight on how practice translates to real-world skills.

4) Has Patience - anytime you work with people who are learning, you need an instructor with the patience of Job.

5) You Like the Way They Play!


This is our first time running a Music Camp, and we are excited! We are looking forward to collaborating with you this summer! While not all details are 100% ironed out, we are confident in offering what we believe will be a transformative experience.

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