Shekinah Winter Fun Day!

Monday, February 18 - 9am-4pm
Shekinah Retreat Centre


Going a little stir crazy? Got cabin fever? Need to get the kids out of the house and burning off some steam? Shekinah Winter Fun Day is for you! 

February is a tough time of year. Christmas was months ago. School's been on forever. Summer is 17 months away. What's a family to do for fun, right in the middle of Winter? 

First off, good news: Ron & Sue are away! That's right, the bosses are gone, so we're planning a huge soiree. All of the things that the bosses are always on about - safety, liability, basic personal hygiene - are off the table. That's right: Off. The. Table. We're going all out, hoping that they don't suddenly show up and shut the good times down.

How crazy are we going? How does toboganning sound? Who doesn't love taking their life in their hands to slide down the slopes of Quill Hill at supersonic speeds? What fun! What daring! What a great time. And if Quill Hill is a bit much for you, don't worry; we've got a smaller hill for you. That's right. It's a bit of a secret, but Shekinah has one of the best little toboganning hills in the world! Well, maybe not the world. Or Canada. Or even Saskatchewan. But it's really cool. 

"What about the pond?", you ask. Great question. First off, it's frozen. I know. That makes it a lot more useful than it is in, say, summer, when the itch will make your life miserable.

Crok-a-Curl is back! Clay is hard at work, clearing snow, painting lines, clearing snow, setting up the Crok-a-Curl, and clearing snow. It's gonna be good! This, of course, is in addition to broomball, skating (bring your own!), and simply having fun watching people fall down.

What about the old favourites like snowshoeing, cross country skiing and snowball fights! They are all available. Well, I think we sort of frown on snowball fights. Unless you see Craig, in which case, all bets are off. Throw away! While snowball fights might be out, we are happy to announce that informal yukigassen is in!

In the past, there have been sleigh rides. Are there sleigh rides? Well, we're looking into it. Craig made the cool poster that you saw on the homepage before we actually confirmed sleigh rides. He put the sleigh before the horse, as it were. So all I can say is that we absolutley, positively, probably, possibly, might have sleigh rides. Think of sleigh rides as the cherry on top of the sundae - it's still delicious without it, but gangbusters with.

What about food? Food is always good at events like this! I know that this is a rhetorical question on your part. What self-respecting Mennonite organization would dare to run an event without food? We'd be shunned, and that hasn't happened since the great shunning of '97. There'll be great food - including halal. And you can cook it over the open fire. What's better than cooking food over an open fire and drinking some hot chocolate? That's another rhetorical question; we all know that eating outside is the bomb-diggity.

There will be kid-friendly stuff going on. That's right: we love kids at Shekinah. Especially not our own. In addition to the bunny hill, we'll be building snow forts and other fun stuff. Plus, as mentioned, the kids should be on the lookout for Craig. A snowball or two won't hurt. Not your kids, anyway.

Sound great? Good! You are invited. Yes. You! We'd love to see you there. Get out of the house, get some fresh air, and make some memories. Bring the whole family. Even Uncle Joe is invited ... as long as someone clues him in that his behaviour at the last family gathering was inappropriate. He can come; you just need to lay down some ground rules.

What does this cost? That's the best thing. This event is by donation, with all donations going directly to the work of Shekinah. If you're feeling a little tight, you are welcome. If you are feeling ok, you are welcome. If you are feeling flush, well ... hello, beautiful! Bring on that cheque book. 

Seriously, you are all welcome. See you there! Need more information? Send Craig an email or call:

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